We teach...

Holistic Survival School's mission is to facilitate deep, Nature connection through the teaching of Earth-based skills (baskets, hide tanning, fire by friction etc.)  and ancestral knowledge (mentoring, medicinal and edible plants etc. ). By facilitating these connections to self, community and Nature, HSS strives to change the hearts of people by re-establishing our lost connection with the Natural World. 


HSS strives to be the voice in our culture that beckons us to come back to the land. With love and compassion we promise to meet each student where they are and help them take steps toward living a more "eco-centric" life, as our ancestors have lived for millennia. 

SKills we teach:

  • Hide Tanning (brain and bark tanning, animal skins)
  • Wild Medicinal and Edible Plants
  • Fire by Friction (fire with sticks)
  • Mindfulness & Mind-body connection  
  • Flint Knapping (making stone tools)
  • Community building 
  • Primitive Bows and Arrows 
  • Primitive Shelters 
  • Inner tracking (self-awareness) 
  • Primitive Vessels (baskets, pottery, wooden bowls)
  • Cordage (fibers and rope from natural materials)
  • Local Ecology
  • Hunting and Tracking