Holistic Survival School

Adult Wilderness & Survival Classes


At Holistic Survival School (HoSS), we know that you want to connect more deeply with the natural world, your self, and your fellow humans. We believe it is your human birthright to have a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to your wild landscape. 

With love and compassion, we meet you wherever you are in your life. We’ll teach you hands-on, heart-centered, Earth-based skills like foraging, pottery, fire, hide-tanning, etc.

We strive to share these connections so that you and others can lead a fulfilling, balanced, and healthy life rooted in the natural world.

Wilderness Skills Immersion Program

Deep Remembering 2020


HoSS is now offering a 9 month primitive skills & survival immersion program called Deep Remembering. Join our intimate group of like-minded folks in remembering together, who we are as a species and who we are individually.

Deep Remembering 2020 takes place near Asheville, NC, for over 45 class days spread over nine months. Each month will feature a four day class, with a bonus craft day to reconnect to your peers and bridge the space between classes.

This life-changing experience will deepen your connection with nature and community. You will remember the deep range of primitive skills and wilderness knowledge that is our human legacy.




Limited Space Remains


Join us at HoSS for our upcoming weekend intensives in Fall 2019.

Gain important survival skills, and forge deep bonds with the Southern Appalachians and like-minded souls. Reconnect with your human self.


About Holistic Survival School


HoSS is based at Shelterwood Cove, a 45-acre homestead in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking Asheville, North Carolina.

We invite you to visit our land, camp out for some nights, climb mountains, connect deeply, and tell stories by our firelight.  All are welcome!

Luke McLaughlin, founder of HoSS, talks about how and why he started HoSS and what he hopes it will bring to the World.