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Beyond Survival: Level II

  • Holistic Survival School 38 McDaris Cove Road Weaverville, NC, 28787 United States (map)

We as a species have forgotten how to live on our local landscape.  For the vast majority of human history, we have relied on our direct environment for our food, water, shelter, medicine, teachings, myth, and connection.  The intention of this class is to experience living as our ancestors did. Through this experience we will gain greater connection to ourselves, each other and the Earth.   These are the skills of our ancestors and it is a gift to learn them.  We will learn these physical skills while we also learn the greater emotional connection that our ancestors felt that helped them live a life of harmony and balance.

survival class

In this 4 day class students will be living on 45 acres and will only be allowed to bring the most essential items (5 c's) with them for the weekend. This will be a difficult experience and students should be prepared to have their edges pushed.  During our time on the land we will be making shelter to sleep in, gathering our own spring water to drink and cook, foraging our own food and water and making fire with sticks (bow drill and hand drill). 

Students need to bring the following:

Cordage: 100 Ft. of paracord or other rope

Combustion: One type of firestarter (lighter, matches, ferro rod bow drill etc)

Cover: One tarp (~10X12’) and two 100% wool blankets (note: please bring a warm sleeping bag and a tent just in case you need a break)

Cutting tool: Two non-redundant cutting tools (your choice) (saw, knife, axe, hatchet etc,)

Container:  Two non-redundant metal cooking/drinking vessels

Food: Students will be allowed to bring food with them for the weekend. You must be able to carry your food with you on hikes. We will also supplement the food with wild foraged foods. 


- Must have camping and hiking experience.   

- Must be ready to feel uncomfortable and deal with it

  • Cost:

    Early Bird Price (Before October 1st): $500

    Regular Ticket: $450

  • What to bring // Camp sites

    Primitive camping is available for students. Please come prepared! If you plan on camping on the land, bring your own tent and sleeping gear, rain gear, camping supplies, eating dish and utensils, and food for the weekend (running water, kitchen and fridge are available on site).

  • Children

    Students 12 and up are welcome with accompanying adult and their own ticket