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Autumn's Wild Harvest
to Nov 4

Autumn's Wild Harvest

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Autumn's Wild Harvest: Backyard and wild foods preservation

The abundance of autumn is one of the greatest joys in homestead life. Whether you are growing this food yourself or harvesting wild foods, the fruits of a year's growth is well earned and most welcomed. Now it is time to think like a squirrel! Did you know that squirrels go so far as to dry mushrooms for winter storage? We humans have spent thousands of years perfecting recipes and methods for preserving most foods we consume throughout the winter months and through the following spring. If you have ever eaten canned blueberry jam or dried meats in February that you harvested months prior, you know how gratifying it truly is to prepare wild and wholesome foods for the eating later on. In this class we explore a few methods (both modern and traditional) for putting by the fall harvest.


Given that we cannot possibly cover the gamet of preservation methods in detail, we will give you the skills and confidence to replicate a handful of these processes. In this two day class we will gather and process various kinds of nuts, explore multiple ways to dry meat/plants/fruits, learn a few recipes for pickling and fermentation, and demystify hot water bath and pressure canning. Additionally, we will cover how to process all the different cuts of meat from a deer—which cuts become steak, sausage, canned meat, and broth.


This class is a collection of learnings from the past decade of studying wild foods and preservation. It is an ongoing study in the inspiration of healthy and enriched subsistence living. With a little shared wisdom passed down through the ages we too can take sustenance and nourishment into our own hands and revel in the memory of summer sunshine in the blueberry fields, while eating pie by the woodstove in a snowstorm.


Please bring a notebook and pen, knife, and a couple of mason jars—two pint and two quart. Additional items that would be helpful include digging knife/trowel, harvest basket, and camera.

Cost:  Early Bird ticket: $175     Regular Ticket: $225

HoSS never wants people to feel limited by money.  Work Trades are available. 

On site camping is available

Questions?  Email: Luke@HolisticSurvivalSchool.com

Students 12+ are welcome with accompanying adult and their own ticket 

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Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism
to May 6

Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism

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Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism (3 day)

The word "survival" gets thrown around a lot these days, so much so that we have lost the context of the word itself.  Most of us will never find ourselves in a survival situation, however we can learn the skills of our ancestors to not only learn how to stay alive in any dire situation, but also to learn how to be a competent, connected human. 

In this three day class students will learn the basics of surviving in the Eastern Woodlands and will carry those skills on in order to transform "survival skills" into "living skills".  This weekend workshop students will learn the basics of survival, the five "C's" of survival, the rule of 3's, human's super powers and weaknesses,  how to prioritize the essential elements, and how to use awareness and mindfulness to harness the natural flow of energy in any situations.   Hard skills students will learn include:


Making shelter

Securing your own food

Purifying water

Creating fire from the landscape

Making your own 5 essential survival items from the land. 

Understand and harness Radiation, Convection, Conduction and Insulation. 

This will be a class that every human should attend!  These are essential human skills!

Students will be staying on the land two nights.  Campsites are available and students are required to bring their own camping supplies (tent, sleeping bags, tools, etc).  This is an introductory class and students are welcome to bring as much gear as they feel comfortable with.  Water will be provided. 


Cost: Early bird $300 // Regular $350

Location: 38 McDaris Cove Rd. Weaverville NC

Students 12 and up are welcome with accompanying adult

Questions?:  Email Luke:  HolisticSurvivalSchool@gmail.com

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