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Fire with sticks: Intro to friction fire
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Fire with sticks: Intro to friction fire

Fire with Sticks: Intro to Friction Fire (1 day):

There are few things more connective and powerful than making your own fire from your landscape.  Humans have been in relation with this raw element for over 3 million years. Making fire with sticks is your human birthright.  

Join Luke McLaughlin and Tyler Lavenburg and learn the ancient art of friction fire on 45 beautiful acres in Weaverville, NC. In this one-day class,  students will  learn the basics of fire by friction while also getting hands on experience with multiple fire-starting methods (bow drill, hand drill, bamboo fire-saw) Other topics will include: what local types of woods to use, tinder making, troubleshooting, and additional fire making options. This class is for everyone!

Recommended ages: 12 and up

Cost: Regular Ticket $75

Questions?  Email:

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Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism
to May 6

Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism

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Beyond Survival: Wilderness Essentialism (3 day)

The word "survival" gets thrown around a lot these days, so much so that we have lost the context of the word itself.  Most of us will never find ourselves in a survival situation, however we can learn the skills of our ancestors to not only learn how to stay alive in any dire situation, but also to learn how to be a competent, connected human. 

In this three day class students will learn the basics of surviving in the Eastern Woodlands and will carry those skills on in order to transform "survival skills" into "living skills".  This weekend workshop students will learn the basics of survival, the five "C's" of survival, the rule of 3's, human's super powers and weaknesses,  how to prioritize the essential elements, and how to use awareness and mindfulness to harness the natural flow of energy in any situations.   Hard skills students will learn include:


Making shelter

Securing your own food

Purifying water

Creating fire from the landscape

Making your own 5 essential survival items from the land. 

Understand and harness Radiation, Convection, Conduction and Insulation. 

This will be a class that every human should attend!  These are essential human skills!

Students will be staying on the land two nights.  Campsites are available and students are required to bring their own camping supplies (tent, sleeping bags, tools, etc).  This is an introductory class and students are welcome to bring as much gear as they feel comfortable with.  Water will be provided. 


Cost: Early bird $300 // Regular $350

Location: 38 McDaris Cove Rd. Weaverville NC

Students 12 and up are welcome with accompanying adult

Questions?:  Email Luke:

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