Work Trade

We get that money isn’t everything and we never want money to be the reason people don’t attend classes. Therefore, we are happy to offer half work trade options for those who would prefer to work for their share of the class. Here is what we offer:

  • Fill out the Work Trade application below

  • Once you have been accepted you will pay for half of the regular ticket price (not early bird price) before the class.

  • You will coordinate with Luke about work hours and dates

  • The default price for work trade hours is $10/hr

  • Usually students will trade with physical labor on our land (splitting wood, digging holes etc, prepping for classes)

  • After work trade hours are complete we will subtract the trade value from your remaining balance. NOTE: Depending on how hard/long you worked, you may still need to pay for more of the class

  • We are always open to hearing about other possible trades

Name *
Not to pry, but the better we understand your situation the more likely we are to work with you. :)
A full day of work is equivalent to~ $80/day in trade. Most work trade classes will require at least 2 full days of work, and weather can limit our abilities.