Ready to Rewild?


So are we! At Holistic Survival School (HoSS) we know that you want to connect more deeply with the natural world, your self, and your fellow humans. We believe it is your human birthright to have a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to your wild landscape. 

With love and compassion, we meet you wherever you are in your life in order to teach you hands-on, heart-centered, Earth-based skills (foraging, pottery, fire, hide-tanning, etc.) We strive to share these connections so that you and others can lead a fulfilling, balanced, and healthy life rooted in the natural world.  Currently, we offer overnight, weekend courses as well as a 9-month immersion program.

HoSS is based out of Shelterwood Cove, a 45 acre homestead in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking Asheville, North Carolina.  We invite you to visit our land, camp out for some nights, climb mountains, connect with others, and tell stories by our firelight. Welcome

Private custom survival class

9- month Skills Immersion

Learn what it means to be a human again

primitive skills

Primitive skills courses

Wood, stone, fiber, and bone! Learn skills using only the natural materials found around you.


Hide tanning

Learn how to honor an animals life my tanning it naturally

buckskin class

Overnight and weekend classes

Ready to take the next step? Find a class that suits your interests and time availability.

survival Classes

Survival Classes

Rid yourself of the extras in life and learn what is most essential



Learn how to go beyond survival and make anything you need from the landscape around you. Baskets, tools, drums, pottery etc.