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I’M GETTING EXCITED for next year’s launch of the Holistic Survival School Immersion Program - Deep Remembering. The program is filling up fast and we have gotten some really amazing applicants.

In celebration HoSS is running a big giveaway contest. Help us get the word out and earn more chances to win. See toolkit item details.


Toolkit Items Details


Small Clay Pot - The clay for this pot was dug from the ground in Maryland by primitive pottery master Kieth Grenoble. The pot was formed by Luke McLaughlin and then was fired by open fire by Kieth and Luke at the Firefly gathering. If you look closely you can see nature's glitter (mica) shining all over it. It is a small cup, perfect for cooking small sides on the fire, or drinking something from it at home. Or it's just pretty as decoration.

Fish Leather - This is the tanned skin of a king salmon. Luke tanned this hide using tannins from the Hemlock tree of North Carolina. Don't be deceived, fish leather is much more durable than one might think. The scale pattern is beautiful and looks a lot like dragon skin. This piece would be great for decoration, a small leather pouch or a great accent piece on your favorite pair of buckskin pants. note: there is no fish smell to this skin anymore. :)

Buffalo Drum - This drum beats with the heart of the buffalo. This is a 12' maple drum frame made with buffalo rawhide. Luke made the drum in the style he was taught by a Potawatomi man in Michigan. The back of the drum is laced with artificial sinew. The drum is very, very tight and plays wonderfully.

Hand Drill Set - This is a hand drill set made by Luke. The baseboard is made of Basswood, and the spindle is made of Mullein. These are two of the best materials for friction fire. Never hand drilled before? Check out Luke's videos on youtube for some hand drill basics.

Tulip Poplar Bark Basket - This was made by HoSS instructor, Tyler Lavenburg. This beautiful basket is made from the slipped bark of the Tulip poplar tree, one of the most "poplar" trees in the Appalachian Mountains (haha). These baskets were traditionally used as berry picking baskets. This basket is rimmed with Hickory bark, and the strap has been woven with dogbane fiber.

Primitive Knife - This simple yet effective knife is made from Burlington chert harvested by flint knapping teacher Larry Kinsella. Larry made the preform and was then finished by Luke. Although the knife is crude looking it is very effective and sharp and would do just fine with most simple cutting needs.

Buckskin Hide - This is a piece of brain-tanned buckskin made by Luke. Unlike most hides that are smoked for the preserve, this hide is preserved in the natural tannins from Hemlock trees. Luke harvested the bark and the tannins himself. This hide is very soft and supple and is ready to be turned into some pouches, moccasins, or other clothes.