Holistic Survival School Workshop Testimonials

“I loved being in the solitude of the woods, reconnecting to myself and connecting to others. As for favorite activity, I think it was fire making, although a close second was the game the last day. Really I could list most activities”

“An information filled weekend, with generous and thoughtful hosts. I have camped hundreds of times, but I have never experienced the land, the life growing on the land, or myself quite this way before. It was a blessing, and the start of a new way to experience my surroundings and the gifts that grow all around us.”

“This workshop provided a beautiful balance of mind, body and spiritual growth opportunities. Micah and Luke facilitated well together, each bringing their own expertise to the sessions. The setting was beautiful. We had times of scripted learning about native Michigan plants and what they have to offer us and times for personal exploration. Overall it was a very peaceful, rejuvenating and FUN weekend with a great group of people.”


There is so much to learn about survival, and a weekend can only skim the surface, but what I did learn I felt will stay with me. The teachings were well balanced and not overwhelming. Luke and Micah took their time to answer questions and ensured that the participants felt comfortable with the lessons. I very much appreciate the respect they have for the natural world and their emphasis on connecting with nature is a very valuable part of the learning process that I don’t think is very common. I also appreciated the openness and honesty from the teachers; they know there is still so much to learn and they find themselves as much students as the rest of the group.”

“I am a middle aged ‘mom’ that hadn’t been camping in many years–that signed up for a ‘Survival Training Class’…kind of funny. But Luke, Micah (and all the others) were so kind and welcoming. Everyone seemed to lay aside their experience and came ready to learn more. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot and yet walked away feeling more at peace than I had felt in a long time. I brought along my 13 year old niece, and she had a wonderful time as well. Nice job guys, we look forward to more.”

“Luke and Micah are great! They made me feel so comfortable and I really learned a lot! What a great weekend! Can’t wait to do it again!”

In this short weekend, I was introduced to a number of skills and practices that have already greatly increased my comfort and awareness of the outdoors. I’m looking forward to future opportunities to dive deeper!

The passion and knowledge of the instructors and the hands on practice at Survival Training Weekend was key to an awesome experience overall. The skills and practice will give you confidence to go to the next level in your experience of nature if you are just starting out or have a lot of experience already. It helped me see we all have to tools we need to enjoy getting back to nature.” 

“A great experience with great people! All about getting back in touch with mind, body, soul and the earth!”