Tulip Poplar Basket Class (June 9th)

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Tulip Poplar Basket Class (June 9th)


Tulip Poplar Berry Baskets (1 day):

This class is truly the delight of the season. As the tulip poplar flowers begin to swell and open, the sap starts to run in the tree, sending nutrients and water to the upper parts of the tree. In the process of doing so, its bark may be very easily peeled in large sections. This is the seasonal magic that allows this craft to exist. Making poplar baskets is one of the easiest, most accessible forms of basketry. This method requires no weaving, no curing or long soaking of material—we will go from bark on the tree to a finished basket in just a day. Please bring a sharp knife.

Cost: $75 

Location 38 McDaris Cove Rd. Weaverville NC 

Time: 10-4

Students 12 and up are welcome with accompanying adult

Questions?:  Email Luke:  HolisticSurvivalSchool@gmail.com

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