Make your own Hand Drum Class (May 20th)


Make your own Hand Drum Class (May 20th)


Making the Sacred Frame Drum (1 Day):

Drums have been a part of our human ancestry for thousands of years across all cultures. They remind us of our right to speak our truth, to be bold, and be heard.   In this one day class, we will be using locally sourced, rawhide deer skin and cedar drum frames to construct our own sacred hand drum.  Additionally, we will be creating a drum beater and decorating our drums with natural pigments.   

This drum will be perfect for ceremony purposes as well as a beautiful piece of art for your home. We will be making our drum in the Anishinaabe (Great Lakes Region) tradition. Rawhide and wood included with purchase of ticket.

Cost:  $100

Ages:  12 and up (with accompanying adult)

Location: 38 McDaris Cove Rd. Weaverville NC

Questions?  Email:

Time:  10am - 4pm

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