Fire with Sticks: Intro to Friction Fire (Nov. 4th)


Fire with Sticks: Intro to Friction Fire (Nov. 4th)

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Haven't you always wanted to learn how to make fire from sticks? Here is your chance to learn this uniquely human skill!

Join Luke McLaughlin and Tyler Lavenburg in learning the ancient art of friction fire. In this 3 hour class students will be able to learn the basics of fire by friction while also getting hands on experience with multiple fire-starting methods (bow drill, hand drill) Other topics will include: what local types of woods to use, troubleshooting, and additional fire making options. 


Luke and Tyler have made thousands of friction fires in their lives, and have been teaching this skill to people of all ages, sizes, and abilities! This class is for everyone!

Recommended ages: 10 and up

Location: 38 McDaris Cove Rd. Weaverville, NC

Cost  $50 

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