EarthCraft: Skills Mixer Weekend Class (June 1-3)


EarthCraft: Skills Mixer Weekend Class (June 1-3)

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EarthCraft Mixer Weekend Workshop (3 days):

Ya know, not every experience in the woods is one of survival. Living well in older times has relied upon generations of compounded knowledge of how to manipulate the materials in one's environment to satisfy every need, and even want. This class brings life back to the village front porch—where good people gather around to make useful and beautiful things with their hands. Just think if every cup, plate, bowl, tooth brush, comb, tupperware, backpack, cook pot, skillet, etc. in your home was made by yourself or someone you knew? With some knowledge of the wide variety of materials nature has to offer, you can make your own basket, or water bottle, or cooking utensils. We will become well acquainted with
materials such as bone, antler, raw hide, plant fibers, stone, as well as many different tools to help shape our products. This is three days of non-stop crafting—a chance to know your hands and their relationship to both beauty and function.

Some projects may include:
raw hide containers
primitive pottery
flat weave baskets
open fire cooking
bone knives/sewing tools
making stone tools and applying them to wood/bone/antler projects


Cost: Early Bird $275 // Regular $325 

Students 12 and up are welcome with accompanying adult

Time:  Friday noon - Sunday 3pm

Questions?:  Email Luke:


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