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The Sacred Hunt

  • Holistic Survival School 38 McDaris Cove Road Weaverville, NC, 28787 United States (map)

For most of our human history the relationship of people to prey has been one of the most important aspects of life and culture. In our region, a local and subsistence diet relies heavily on the ability to procure meat for the people--thusly it is one of the most historically ceremonialized and revered elements of society. Over the past decade we have been studying the art of tracking and hunting and have come to our own deep and enlivened relationship to the hunt. It is a process of extensive observation, serious time getting to know one's landscape, and developing an ongoing conversation with both prey and all that share its territory.

In this class we will start from the very beginning of the process of pursuing the hunt. We will cover where to hunt, who to hunt, what to hunt them with, local laws and regulations, tracking and sign, site assessment and placement, and offer our personal insights as to how take life in a more intimate, connective and sacred way.

turkey hunt

Many of us grow up in a culture where death happens far away from our personal lives, thus we have lost our connection and understanding to this inevitable part of life. We will offer some tools and tips for connecting with your own inner predator in a respectful and harmonious way--a way that carries on the sacred conversation of life and death in a beautiful and intentional way.

In this two day class we will not take the lives of any animals, as the first step in deciding to hunt anything is to observe. Additionally, we will cover various types of modern and primitive weaponry as well as their corresponding hunting methods. Additionally, we will talk about how to use all parts of the hunted animal so nothing goes to waste. 

The intention of this class is to set you up with your task list to prepare you for success in getting closer to animals and their landscapes, to see and feel through their senses, to experience the enlivened state of being that is the sacred hunt.

This class will be a two day overnight class.  On site camping is available.  You are responsible for your own camping gear and food for the weekend.  Please do not bring any firearms to this class. 

Cost: Early bird Ticket- $200    Regular Ticket: $250

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At HoSS we never want people to feel limited by money.  Work trades are available.  

Children 12+ are welcome with accompanying adult and their own ticket

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