Luke is available for personal or group custom outings. Custom outings allow people to hone in on specific skills and learn on their own schedule.  However, since they are custom they will be more expensive than group outings.

If you are interested in any one of those options please note consider some things:

Factors in the design of your custom adventure:

  1. Location for training. Are you coming to us or are we coming to you?
  2. Length of the training. At times multi-day courses are more economical per day than shorter courses.
  3. Number of people in your “tribe.” Some skills, back country terrain or travel considerations are easier with smaller groups.
  4. Time of the year. What calendar dates are you thinking about? Courses designed around our peak outdoor season (late spring thru early autumn) are generally priced higher.
  5. The skills you desire to learn. If you insist on learning about wild edible plants in January, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of doing so. Some supplies are more expensive for us to obtain or problematic to provide due to variables in climate or season.
  6. The intention or motivation for your training. This detail isn’t always apparent, even after writing out the above factors. It is, however, the single biggest consideration we use to prepare the kind of successful course experience that we’re known for. Some clients choose to use survival skills as a living metaphor for team training or leadership functions. Others want hard-core survival skills that work in the field. To us, your training intention goes much deeper than which physical survival skills you want to learn. Your motive for training colors everything, and is the essence and spirit of how your custom course will be designed and taught.