2017 Holistic Survival School Class Calendar

All classes will take place in Asheville, North Carolina unless otherwise noted

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March 26th- ReWilding: Coming back to our Roots


April 16th – Fire with Sticks: Intro to Friction Fire


April 17th- 23 Rivercane Earthskills Gathering (Avalon, SC)


April 30- Understanding Plants without knowing their name


May 14th – Trees on the Homestead: Intro to Trees


May 19th: Deeper Roots Workshop


May 28th- Make your own Tulip Bark Baskets


June 11th- Mindfulness and Awareness in the woods


June 23- 25th – Weekend Workshop: Earth (Grand Rapids, Michigan)


June 29th-July 2nd – Firefly Gathering 


August 4-6 Buckskin Intensive (Pathfinder School: Wellston Ohio)