We, as a society and a species have lost our ancestral connection to our the natural world.  We have become disconnected from our communities, ecosystems, and ourselves, making us strangers on our own planet.   How can we come back to our wild roots and re-connect to ourselves, others, and the Earth?

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Let’s ReWild!

ReWilding is a way for humans to reclaim their natural, more wild state of being.  Holistic Survival School (HSS) is a place where we can learn how to ReWild ourselves, our life, and our community. HSS aims to help people ReWild by following a few simple ideas:

  • Learn our lost ancestral knowledge

  • Shift from an “ego-centric” mindset to an “eco-centric mindset”

  • Experience community

  • Experience nature and slow down

It doesn’t matter where you are in life.  Start ReWilding your life today and access your wild side!   Upcoming Events